The Message Delivery Component

The Message Delivery Component (MDC) is used to deliver messages from OAS to your users via SMS, email, voice, or push notification.

MDC comes automatically installed on the same server as OAS (green), it uses the SEAL protocol for communication. It supports SMS via SMPP and HTTP(S), email via SMTP, voice via HTTP(S) (red) and push notifications via HTTP(S) (blue).

The SMS, email and voice gateways have to be purchased separately from another provider or you can bring your own. The push notification gateway can be a custom integration or the DIGIPASS Gateway (which can be found on the OAS installation ISO). The push notification gateway will use Firebase or Apple Push Notification Services to deliver the notifications to the user.

All of these services can be configured from the MDC Config Utility. On linux you can start it by running mdcconfiggui as root and on windows by opening mdcconfig.exe.

The MDC configuration tool allows you to configure different types of components, enable tracing etc.
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