Creating a client component

In order for an application to communicate with OAS, we need to create a client component. We can do this by logging into the Web Administration Service (WAS), clicking on the Clients tab and selecting the Register list item:

Here we need to define the following:

  1. Client Type: this is the name of the client component, it is a free text box where you can enter your own value or select one of the predefined values in the drop-down.
  2. Location: IP address of the component that you wish to communicate with OAS. If you have a load balancer in between you may need to use the load balancers IP address instead.
  3. Policy ID: here we define the policy that is used when a request is received by the authentication server from this component.
  4. Protocol ID: OAS supports SOAP, SEAL and RADIUS. If you pick RADIUS Client as the client type, this field will automatically select RADIUS for you. You will very likely want to use SOAP unless you are using RADIUS.
  5. Shared Secret: in case that you are using RADIUS you will define the shared secret here (this will also need to be set on the RADIUS client).

Once submitted we are good to go!


With a few clicks on the WAS we can define a new client component to allow new applications to communicate with our authentication server.

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